Day Fire Company: An Aspen-based Outdoor Agency offering services in Brand Strategy, Creative Production, and Campaign Management.

Founder and owner of Day Fire Company, Jake Wheeler all smiles in the Rocky Mountains. Based out of Aspen, Colorado – Jake has over 10 years of in-house and freelance branding, design, communications, and marketing experience for outdoor destinations, organizations and active lifestyle companies.

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Aspen, Colorado

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We're always looking for talented people to join our team. Check out the job listings below or get in touch by saying hello.

All current openings are available for remote work and are on an hourly and contract basis. Compensation based on experience. Ideal candidates must enjoy working with outdoor and active lifestyle brands.

Perks include quick growth opportunities, team adventures, lunch runs, sick days on powder days, paid time off for volunteerism, project incentives, gear discounts, and flexible work hours.

Our company culture creates the energy that fuels the work we create.

Marketing Coordinator, Hourly

Videographer, Contract

Lifestyle Photographer, Contract

Studio Photographer, Contract

Graphic Designer, Contract

Account Manager, Hourly

Sales Executive, Hourly

Operations Director, Hourly

Board Member, Hourly

501C3 Advisor, Hourly

 You’d be hard-pressed to find someone more passionate not just about the outdoor industry, but about doing important work both behind and away from a laptop screen that benefits all and just generally putting good out into the universe.

Jake is a creative spirit at heart and has more content ideas than most managers (myself included) know what to do with. Any company looking to spark a creative fire within their team would be lucky to have Jake. 

Kaitlin Piosa
Aspen Skiing Company

Our team put 10 military veterans on a river trip with 10 Outdoor Industry professionals to jumpstart a network to get interested Vets an entrée into our Industry. In our short time together, Jake impressed me with his work ethic, creativity, calm presence, but mostly with his authenticity and kindness.

I walked away from our work together with a sense of achievement – Jake helped lead us to tackle a problem with a novel approach to complete success – but more importantly, I now have in Jake a friend I can trust!

Robert Thomas

I’ve known Jake since he was in school as a Graphic Design major, and he worked for me several times as an assistant photographer. He was talented and a hard worker, and I was struck by his infectious positivity.

Since then I’ve had the pleasure of working with him professionally and knowing him as a friend. He has a true passion for the outdoors, an unshakable work ethic, and most importantly he is a natural leader, motivating and lifting up those around him to do their best work.

Andrew Kornylak
Outdoor Retailer