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Creative Services

With over 10 years of experience, our team here at DFC has a wide variety of creative skills to help bring your visions to life and drive your business forward.

A boutique Colorado creative agency specializing in brand building, graphic design, and marketing services.

Elevate Your Brand

At Day Fire, we want to have a conversation around how we can help you succeed on your next adventure. We work with outdoor and active lifestyle companies in a variety of capacities to build authentic brands, produce unique story-driven content, promote products, and create lasting connections with their communities. 

We are committed to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in community. We are intentional with our business decesions and strive to make sustainable and climate positive actions.

We are learning and open to all perspectives and help on how we can best show-up and use our resources to make sure that everyone feels that they belong.

We believe that the outdoors are for everyone, everyone desrves the right to feel safe and have the opportunity to expierence something new.

We hold ourselves responsible to take ownership and action in our personal and professional decisions.

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We pride ourselves in a strong work ethic, an open and curious mind, and being involved in the community.

Creative Thinking With A Purpose

We believe the outdoors are for everyone, nature makes you better, and every business deserves great design. Together, we enjoy working with brands on programs that include sustainable driven outcomes and community cultivation. Projects include brand development, marketing campaigns, social media programs, content management, and community engagement.

Many of our ideas start doodling on a napkin or from a conversation hiking down a trail.

Jake Wheeler, Founder and Owner

Jake lives in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley and is a creative thinker, community builder, storyteller, connector, trusted leader, explorer, designer, and champion of brands.

His north star points towards the values of community, stewardship, connection, creativity, accountability, hard work, and authenticity.

Jake has over a decade of experience creatively working in the outdoor industry. He's worked in-house for major ski resorts, fast growing clothing brands, and tech-startups. He got his break through into the industry thourgh his first job as a 8-year old kid – stocking Chacos in the backroom of his father's outdoor store: Rock/Creek Outfitters in Chattanooga, TN. Realizing the privelige of having grown up in an outdoor community and the benefits of the wild - he dedicates his career to including more people in the industry.

Branding and Identity Design, Digital Marketing, Brand Management, Community Engagement, Creative Direction, Digital Platform and Channel Management

Outdoor Industry: 30-Under-30 Future Creative To Watch

On The Map: Rising Stars of Chattanooga

BFA in Graphic Design, University of Tennessee

2018-2022: Outdoor Industry Association Future Leadership Academy Board Member

Summer Outdoor Retailer 2018: Community Building and Content Marketing in the Outdoors

Winter Outdoor Retailer 2022: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Brand Building

Futurist Project Retreat Summer 2022: Designing Your Life and Showing Up As the Same Person: Personal and Professional

Caught on Stage

Jake featured here speaking on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as it relates to community marketing and brand building.

Hard Work and Hand Shakes

Jake was included on the front page and in Outdoor Retailer's Daily issue on Day 1 of the 2022 summer show as an example of community focused involvement and dedication to the outdoor industry.

Design, Inspire, Connect, Promote, Protect

We are a mission driven creative company that strengthens connections to the natural world. Family owned and operated by people who believe that nature makes you better – spiritually, physically, and mentality.

Our Values

Seeking summits

We strive for new experiences, fresh perspectives, and challenging moments of growth.

Wise & Warm

We are constantly in pursuit of knowledge, while being thoughtful, empathetic, and inclusive.

Protect & Play

We are dedicated to breaking down the barriers to the outdoors and protecting the places we play for future generations to come.

Common Ground

We believe in conversation and connections and that the outdoors has no lines of separation.

Ripple Effect

We believe that one splash can create a lasting memory and transformative journey for you and those around you.

Active Thinking

We have found that our best ideas are a result of immersing, observing, creating, and interacting with the environment.

The mountains are our home. Community is our passion. Creativity is our purpose.

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