Who We Are

We are a mission driven creative company that strengthens connections to the natural world. Owned and operated by people who believe that nature makes you better, spiritually, physically, and mentality. Learn more about who we are and our values:

Seeking Summits

We strive for freedom, independence, adventure, and finding out what calls you and figuring out how to climb it.

Wise and Warm

We are constantly in pursuit of knowledge, while being thoughtful, empathetic, and inclusive.

Protect and Play

We are dedicated to breaking down the barriers to the outdoors and protecting the places we play for future generations to come.

Common Ground

We believe in conversation and connection and that the outdoors has no lines of seperation.

Ripple Effect

We believe that one splash can create a journey for those around you and transform them through a new experience.

Active Thinking

We have found that our best ideas are a result of mediation in motion and immersing into our environment and having new experiences.