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With over 10 years of experience, our team here at DFC has a wide variety of creative skills to help bring your visions to life and drive your business forward.

Design Notes: Process, Ideas, Projects

Design is relationships.

Don't Dictate, Participate

Are you ready to give up your power and control? Don't write a check and walk away. Meet communities where they are and help them meet the needs that they have. It's an adaptive partnership and dialogue.

How to Think About Community

A brand is a community and your marketing should reflect that. A good relationship is one that is conversational, inclusive, and recongizes the needs of someone and goes out and meets them where they are.

Shepherd Your Brand

The outdoor industry is a community and your brand should amplify and reflect that. This pillar of your business should constantly be keeping watch on internal and external efforts to ensure successful consistency, culture, and community. A brand effort is very broad as it could be anything from how the postman interacts with your front desk to a seasonal theme for a major marketing campaign.

Listen, learn, and ensure that the brand simply does good in the world through product that enhances people's lives, stories that provide value, and business choices that help protect and preserve our environment through climate, inclusion, and equity.


Are you making bold commitments toward a shared future that is inclusive, equitable, and climate positive?

Start With Why

What is your actual reason for doing this?


What are you most motivated to commit your organization to internally and externally?

The Power of CONTENT

By curating the right brand content for your marketing efforts, your company can create a story that your audience wants to connect and engage with. Your team will be able to develop a relationship with your consumers and cultivate a community that expands deeper than a transaction or a 9-5pm schedule. The power of content is as beneficial to brands as water is to an ecosystem.

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