4 Tiers of Content Creation

While it would be amazing to spend equal time and resources on content projects, that’s not always the case. Below, I’ve outlined a way to structure and give hierarchy to your content projects.

Tier 1 Content Creation:

  • Seasonal Catalog Shoot, 9/mo in advance

    • Twice a year

  • Seasonal Pre-Launch, 1-2/mo in advance

    • Twice a year

  • Seasonal Holiday, 3-5/mo in advance

    • Mother's Day

    • Father's Day

    • Holiday

    • April Fool's

  • Mid-Season Seasonal Refresh, real time

    • Twice a year

  • Ecomm/Website Evergreen Advertising

    • On-going

Tier 2 Content Creation:

  • Energy Accessory Collections. 1-2/mo in advance

    • Twice a year

Tier 3 Content Creation:

  • Special Projects and Media Experiments, 1-2/mo in advance

  • Website Enhancements

  • Advertising

  • On-going

Tier 4: Content Creation:

  • Brand Aspirational Storytelling, 1-2/mo in advance

  • On-going

9 Types of Content Investments

It is important to consider thinking about content in a few buckets.

While it's certainly nice to be able to spread content investments across multiple channels. That's not always the case. We discovered that content creation can be prioritized and commissioned for the following projects (but not limited to):

Seasonal Collection Lifestyle and Studio Content

  • For each seasonal launch, produce lifestyle and studio content for website, catalog, and marketing efforts.

Accessory Collection Lifestyle and Studio Content

  • Throughout vendor’s two major seasons, brands can release accessory collections that provide fresh energy products to consumers. With the release of each collection, studio and lifestyle photography is needed.

Holiday Lifestyle and Studio Content

  • For major holiday marketing campaigns (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc) work to create custom content that supports identified personas, themes, and campaigns.

Evergreen Advertising Content

  • For paid advertising efforts, create content that supports seasonal collections and also evergreen advertising efforts for prospecting and direct response that focus on higher-level brand differentiators. Be conscious of your inventory and what products you are leading with.

Website Lifestyle and Studio Content

  • Throughout the year, written and visual content is created to support website developments that include PDP enhancements, collection pages, customer service, and more.

Brand Storytelling Content

  • To inspire customers and to authentically position your brand, commission custom content around activities and trips that your products thrive in.

Ambassador Content

  • To leverage and support the lifestyles that your ambassadors live and expertise that they posses, work with this group to create content around their businesses, passions, and trips.

User-Generated Content

  • Generally leveraged for social media posts and social validation use cases, user-generated content is used to highlight your community, your product in action, and demonstrates that we’re listening and appreciate people tagging you in photos and interacting with the brand.

8 Ways for Brands to Win With Direct to Consumer

1. Increase customer lifetime value

2. Lower the cost of customer acquisition

3. Increase the returns on ad spend and use this as a key metric

4. Increase average order values

5. Capture email, and then it’s free to reach them

6. Optimize towards conversion purchase

7. Provide value through content to help purchasing decisions

8. Prospect with higher level evergreen content and then retarget with product specific content

5 Goals For Your Brand Content Strategy

Provide Value

Create content that adds value to people’s lives. Gain trust, building a relationship, and create a representation of the quality of your product through our content. Deliver a personalized experience. Provide value and respond to their basic questions and needs of your customers and prospective customers

Be Aspirational

Create content that informs and enriches a purchase by equipping them with facts, specifications, and ideas on how to use the product

Have a Diverse Mix

Create content that includes compelling stories, latest news, and what’s happening in your community. Topics may include:

  • Inspirational stories of people in the field using your product

  • Inside technology trends, product releases

  • Educational/How-To: Become a leading expert in the mind of your audience. Provide value in teaching.

  • How to use a specific type of product

  • How to pack for a certain trip

  • Technical skills for a chosen outdoor sport

  • Community, conservation, and retail partner highlights

Support Your Internal Team

Provide fresh assets to your internal team for: ecomm, email, advertising, and wholesale marketing support. While it’s nice to have a content investment support multiple channels/departments, that’s not always the case. Create content that performs these best for website, advertising, social, customer service, and on.

Always Keep Pushing

Always strive to try new things, keep maturing in your content strategy in the following ways:

  • Content Production:

    • Create quality story and product driven content around a content mix that provide ongoing value to your audience.

  • Content Distribution

    • Attract new audiences

    • Retain current audience

  • Content Measurement:

    • Define key metrics and KPI’s and track them on weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis

    • Gain key insights about how a customer interacts with you: which web features they use most often, and what email, blog, and social content they find most interesting.

    • Use these insights to inform future investments and business decisions.

4 Blog Content Types to Help to Build a Brand

A brand’s blog should be designed to inspire, educate, and inform customers. Your blog should have a diverse mix of content types that are consistently published and always tied by to the red thread of the brand’s identity. Topics for blogs can be decided based on product launches, email campaigns, holidays, seasonal activities, customer questions, and aspirational brand storytelling. This is important because we’re living in a world where the customer curates what they want to see, instead of traditional push marketing. So you have to create content that people care about and want to follow. To help you create a relevant mix of content, I’ve put together 4 suggested content types that every brand should be thinking about.

  • Inside The Brand

    • Here you can empower your readers through deeper behind the scenes knowledge of your brand that includes: fabric stories, product launches, design developments, employee spotlights, and business milestones.

  • Community

    • This category is designed to highlight the lifestyles of your ambassadors, your customers, and the stewardship of your conservation partners.

  • Lifestyle

    • A fun one, this part of your mix allows you to provide value to our readers by answering key questions through tips, tricks, how-tos, recommendations, lists, and on.

  • Explorer

    • Inspire readers of types of places and activities that where your products thrive in.

7 C's of Social Media Brand Building

Over the years working in the outdoor industry, we’ve gotten social. We’ve managed social media accounts for fast growing brands like Free Fly Apparel where we helped grow the brand from 20K followers on IG to over 60K in less than a year. We’ve put boots on the ground and have real time marketed events for brands like Marmot on their nation wide 25+ event road tour. There were times were we ran contests / giveaways with brands like Osprey and Chaco in key local communities. Some of the most fun has been creating social campaigns for key product drops for things like mobile apps and big seasonal clothing launches. And of course we’ve also just had good ole’ fashion conversations around the campfire and at shows like Outdoor Retailer. .

Throughout the years, we’ve learned a few best practices that have become our working guides as we think about how to approach social media in the outdoor industry. Whether you’re planning a seasonal marketing campaign or waist deep marketing on a daily basis, read on to learn how our 7 C’s to social media brand building can help you grow your business and strengthen your community.


Simply put, it’s not about you. The outdoor industry is a community and your social channels should amplify and reflect that. Today’s consumer wants to be heard, build relationships between like-minded followers, and values when they are involved with the brand’s story whether that may be having their content shared, their questions answered, or their voice amplified. 


It’s certainly an arms race in today’s social content universe. There is no doubt that it is a challenge to create consistent content that you’re consumers care about, but it’s a necessity. In order to succeed, a brand needs to create and curate relevant content that provides value to the consumer and enhances their lives. Content that inspires them of places and connects them to activities where your product thrives. 


Sharing content is one thing, but sharing content that people want to engage with is the next level. Social media is all about a dialogue. Post things that give your audience and opportunity to engage with your brand and community. 


Everyday you’re customers are on social and so should you. It’s tough to admit, but today’s attention span of your target audience is as short as the next scroll or tap to the next story. Treat social media like it’s own office space, where you go everyday and work. 


People want to follow brands that give a damn and have an opinion. Today’s consumer’s purchasing decisions are often influenced through brands that take a stance on a cause and are transparent with their business practices. 


If people wanted a transaction they would shop on Amazon or at the Gap. Having a company culture that represents a lifestyle and something bigger than a product is extremely important in creating long standing and quality relationships with a consumer base. Brands need to walk the walk and lead by example and that starts within the office and the ambassador network.


Of course, in order to excel in today’s cluttered marketplace, you need to have a product that people want, provides value, and enhances their lives. It’s the old school phrase of “We got it, come get it.” Make sure your consumer knows what you’re selling and has an easy path to purchasing your product.

Exploring Cypress Springs, FL

Great day climbing Mount Toll and Pawnee Peak

Bike Wreck

Last Sunday, I got hit by a car on my bike while finishing up a road ride. The car didn't turn on it's blinker and turned right in front of me. Before I continue, I want to clearly state that I'm 100% okay... and this is not a post about bike riders vs car drivers... but, my mind has just been non-stop racing about how thankful I am that I wasn't seriously hurt and I just need to share this.

This experience has made me realize how grateful I am for life, relationships, and to make sure I appreciate every little present moment. You never know when things will quickly change and be taken away from you.

Call your love ones, treat your mind and body well, invest in relationships, try new things, give thanks, acknowledge strangers, say yes to that trip, stay up late, get up early, and watch out for bikers!

Live life hard. Love life hard.

Sometimes it just takes something to hit you to wake you up 🙂 just hopefully next time it's a pat on the back from a friend and not a car. Onward amigos 🙏🏻🤘🏼have a great day, love y'all