5 Goals For Your Brand Content Strategy

Provide Value

Create content that adds value to people’s lives. Gain trust, building a relationship, and create a representation of the quality of your product through our content. Deliver a personalized experience. Provide value and respond to their basic questions and needs of your customers and prospective customers

Be Aspirational

Create content that informs and enriches a purchase by equipping them with facts, specifications, and ideas on how to use the product

Have a Diverse Mix

Create content that includes compelling stories, latest news, and what’s happening in your community. Topics may include:

  • Inspirational stories of people in the field using your product

  • Inside technology trends, product releases

  • Educational/How-To: Become a leading expert in the mind of your audience. Provide value in teaching.

  • How to use a specific type of product

  • How to pack for a certain trip

  • Technical skills for a chosen outdoor sport

  • Community, conservation, and retail partner highlights

Support Your Internal Team

Provide fresh assets to your internal team for: ecomm, email, advertising, and wholesale marketing support. While it’s nice to have a content investment support multiple channels/departments, that’s not always the case. Create content that performs these best for website, advertising, social, customer service, and on.

Always Keep Pushing

Always strive to try new things, keep maturing in your content strategy in the following ways:

  • Content Production:

    • Create quality story and product driven content around a content mix that provide ongoing value to your audience.

  • Content Distribution

    • Attract new audiences

    • Retain current audience

  • Content Measurement:

    • Define key metrics and KPI’s and track them on weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis

    • Gain key insights about how a customer interacts with you: which web features they use most often, and what email, blog, and social content they find most interesting.

    • Use these insights to inform future investments and business decisions.