Wilderness Makes You Better

To many before and to many ahead, spending time in the outdoors sparks feelings of creativity, happiness, freedom, and curiosity. The moments that we have in nature while watching a sunset over a distant desert mesa, a wave crash into a sharp intimidating seawall, and a group of pines sore into the heavens far bigger than us — creates experiences that shape our minds and souls into the people we naturally should be. Hunters, gatherers, explorers, creators and athletes. Together each outdoors experience compounds into a life long highlight real that makes us grow in the moment and sparks the yearn for more healthy natural fixes.

The wilderness is a remedy.

It’s a natural solution that can cure depression, confusion, and addiction. Our public lands have the powerful cure to improve anyone’s physical, mental, and psychological health in a natural and inspiring way. A solution that grows from days spent under the pines and walking through the flats. So when you’re looking for something to make you better, simply look outside and go. And if you know anyone that is falling into certain places of sickness, prescribe them wilderness. Finally, guess what, wilderness is best explored together. So go with them friend and experience it together. Onward.