Start With Why

People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.

  • Start from the inside out - why, how, what

  • Find what you are inspired and empowered by.

  • It’s not about the company. It’s about the customers.

  • Position products to customers by telling them why they need it in a simple message.

  • What does your company challenge?

  • When a company clearly states why they exist and what they believe, people will go to extreme lengths to include that company’s products and services in their life.

  • People don’t make purchasing decisions based on product benefits. A failure to communicate “why” results in question and doubt.

  • The best leaders and organizations give customers things we would never think of asking for.

  • Great companies win hearts before minds.

  • People care about story.

  • It is not logic or facts that drive us to try new things. Instead we’re driven by our hopes and dreams to try something different.

  • The most loyal employees and customers all love a good revolution and cause.

  • Our products are not symbols of what we believe, they are representative of what our customers believe.

  • Authenticity happens when you believe in everything you say and do

  • Mass market success cannot happen unless you penetrate the first 15% of the market.

  • The goal of a business is to penetrate those in the market who believe what you believe.