The Line: Direct vs Brand

It’s challenging balancing direct advertising efforts and brand efforts. Each has their own role in the success of a business and should both be utilized in marketing efforts. However, the trail does split when it comes to measurement. To break it down a little, here is a good way to think about it.

Direct: Very trackable, tangible, and measurable. Here you are able to set clear quantitative goals and KPIs to measure success.

Brand: Certainly more fickle as it’s hard to track a hand shake and a sticker on the back of a truck. However, since it’s clearly tough to always set clear data metrics to brand efforts it’s mandate that you stay narrow, focused, targeted, and tight with your brand efforts in order not to fragment your message and have too many unmeasurable irons in the fire. To support with this decision making, I recommend making a brand ecosystem to use as a filter in all brand decision making efforts.