12 Pieces of the Outdoor Industry Ecosystem

Like our mountains and fisheries, the outdoor industry is also an ecosystem. A community of organizations and participants that interact in various ways and places to create a whole system and world.

Today's Industry:

  • Too many overdeveloped/high tech products

  • Lack of focus of being everything to everyone

  • Eco-friendly and sustainability are almost synonymous with outdoors. There’s room for more ethics transparency.

  • Lacks a complete offering of outdoor apparel and products that have been thoughtfully designed for females.

Culture Shift:

  • Outdoors today means anything without a roof.

  • There’s a desire for the modern everyday explorer/adventure.

  • We’re entering into an “activist economy,” societal issues will continue to penetrate the consumer consciousness.

  • “Some of the most important adventures take place after work or on the weekend.

  1. Trade Organizations

  2. Vendors (Brands)

  3. Wholesale (Retail)

  4. Users

  5. Athletes

  6. Conservation

  7. Non-Profits

  8. Third-Party Agencies

  9. Third-Party Media Platforms

  10. Third-Party Services

  11. Freelancers

  12. Toursim and Destination Organizations