16 Content Shoot Commandments

When executing a content shoot, keep the following commandments in mind:

  1. Thou shall not shoot between 1-4pm if feasible.

  2. Thou shall scout thee location ahead of time.

  3. Thou shall set clear expectations with talent and content creators.

  4. Thou shall build badass shot lists and inspo boards.

  5. Thou shall not forgot goal, theme, and priority of the project.

  6. Thou shall not be afraid to call things off or put thy foot down.

  7. Thou shall have a get out of jail budget.

  8. Thou shall plan in advance and find the right people to work with.

  9. Thou shall be directive with models and content creators.

  10. Thou shall be aware of other departments when booking dates.

  11. Thou shall have a production assistant to help with logistics.

  12. Thou shall avoid too many cooks in they kitchen.

  13. Thou shall stay aligned with work backs and SOPs.

  14. Thou shall always push themselves and explore new content types.

  15. Thou shall meet any photoshoot dog ahead of time.

  16. Tho shall give the content creator time with the model.