Building a Content Strategy

For Tier 1 and Tier 2 product launches, create a marketing campaign theme to support the product and help tell an engaging story. That’s really the key. Create a theme that tells a bigger story and highlights where your products thrive and the activities they’re designed for.

Utilize the theme as a resource to build your shot-lists and design look and feel for the campaign's content and assets. Themes are best created after the product team has walked you through the new collection and the why behind it. Once you've landed on your theme (generally it's nice to pitch 2-3 ideas), then create a work back flow to accomplish all the jobs to be done to go to market with the campaign. Once you've identified the jobs, divy up the responsibility, and create on-going check-ins to review work and stay tracking.

Use the theme as a brand filter throughout the campaign process. After launching the masthead of the theme, create mini product stories for each product launch that align and are used as on-going marketing stories. Begin scheduling out the flow of each product’s launch underneath your seasonal theme/campaign. Design marketing materials for each channel and support with inspiring lifestyle storytelling.

Theme assets could include (but aren't limited to):

  • Campaign Catalog Brief

  • Catalog Shotlist, Scenes, and Logistis

  • Catalog Shotlist Visual Inspo

  • Paid-Advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Website PDP and Collection Pages

  • Blog and Storytelling

  • Organic Social

  • Wholesale

  • Pubic Relations

  • Community Program