7 Checklist Items For Scheduling an Instagram Post

Social media is not an after thought. Every day your customers are showing up on social and so should you. Here are a few tips to help guide you when curating and posting a post on Instagram.

  1. Schedule social posts at least a week ahead. Experiment with different copy and photo sequence ideas. Keep the full gallery in mind. Align posts with seasonal marketing campaigns and product launches.

  2. Post and social listen to your post.

  3. Use hashtags and something that relates to the photo.

  4. Tag the people in the photo and the photographer.

  5. Geo-location where necessary. Don't give site specific locations out of the respect of the area and knowledge.

  6. Have a diverse mix of content.

  7. Utilize supporting channels where necessary: Instagram Story, IG TV, Facebook, brand partners, influencers, and on.

  8. Track and measure metrics that are key to your business goals.