4 Tiers of Content Creation

While it would be amazing to spend equal time and resources on content projects, that’s not always the case. Below, I’ve outlined a way to structure and give hierarchy to your content projects.

Tier 1 Content Creation:

  • Seasonal Catalog Shoot, 9/mo in advance

    • Twice a year

  • Seasonal Pre-Launch, 1-2/mo in advance

    • Twice a year

  • Seasonal Holiday, 3-5/mo in advance

    • Mother's Day

    • Father's Day

    • Holiday

    • April Fool's

  • Mid-Season Seasonal Refresh, real time

    • Twice a year

  • Ecomm/Website Evergreen Advertising

    • On-going

Tier 2 Content Creation:

  • Energy Accessory Collections. 1-2/mo in advance

    • Twice a year

Tier 3 Content Creation:

  • Special Projects and Media Experiments, 1-2/mo in advance

  • Website Enhancements

  • Advertising

  • On-going

Tier 4: Content Creation:

  • Brand Aspirational Storytelling, 1-2/mo in advance

  • On-going