2 Must Have Paid-Advertising Content Types

There are two (but not limited to) paid content advertising sets that help brands succeed on Facebook and Instagram. When building advertising content for these channels, it’s important to think about two types of content that you want to be using:

Seasonal Collection/Campaign Focused

  • Here you promote your latest products and campaigns with new inventory and stories

Evergreen Collection/Brand Focused

  • These are ads that you always have on deck and ready to turn on. They’re money ads that aren’t tied to a season or a product that might drop.

Both of these content types can be used for prospecting and re-targeting. Generally, it’s not best practice to prospect with a product you aren’t deep in inventory in or an experience that might not directly tell the consumer what you offer. Prospecting ads are a great way to serve them with a product specific item that they were looking at on your website. Aim to avoid using hard dates like Fall 2019, so that you can turn that ad back on in another season if you need it. For these types of strategies, the goal is usually optimize for a conversion that’s a purchase and not for brand awareness.