Why Brand?

Simply put, it’s not about you or your product. The outdoor industry is a community and your brand should amplify and reflect that. In order for outdoor businesses to succeed and connect deeper with today's target consumers, it's pivotal to have an internal team take ownership of brand as it relates to the company and its goals. This pillar of your business should constantly be keeping watch on internal and external efforts to ensure successful consistency, culture, and community. A brand effort is very broad as it could be anything from how the postman interacts with your front desk to a seasonal theme for a major marketing campaign. Additionally, it can be challenging as it's hard to measure a handshake, a sticker on the back of a pickup truck, or how a contest investment can be tracked back to sales.

Nonetheless, brand shepherds the business forward and to new directions through social media strategies, content creation investments, ambassador relationships, storytelling, and on.

A brand member should constantly be keeping an eye on market trends and product development opportunities. With boots of the ground, the team should build real relationships with the community and as you become a conduit between them and the business. Walk the walk, talk the talk, and ensure that the brand simply does good in the world through product that enhances people's lives, stories that inspire them to get outdoors, and choices that help protect and preserve our environment.
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