Product Sells But Culture Builds

When building and maintaining a heathy long-term brand there are two things to always keep top of mind as it relates to audience acquisition, loyalty, and retention. 

First, you must have a product that provides value to people's lives. In today's crowded space, design with a utilitarian and purpose. Our world does not need more things and people do not need more items sitting in their closets. Product development should always be a process of refinement in function and style as it relates to the current times. 

Products can be developed in a few different ways, but a good way to frame your perspective on it is around experiential or tangible offerings.

While, it's great to have a wonderful product, the culture that you cultivate around it is what is really going to help build the longevity of your brand. Culture occurs in two ways, inside your company and outside with your audience. The internal culture is what helps create the image of your brand and motivates your employees to always be growing the company. It's an additional reason to show up and stay late. This starts with thoughtfulness to how you treat your employees, the benefits you provide, and the work/life balance that you lay out.

The external culture attracts new customers and shows the world a community that they would want to be a part of. This is your path to natively creating ambassadors and brand fans that will speak about your products in a positive way when having conversations around them. 

For example, if you are at a local trail head and someone notices your new hydration pack. The product looks great and they ask you about it. You may quickly feature sell it and highlight the benefits, but the hook really comes in if the person then starts to expand upon the culture of the company and all the positive things that they do in the world. 

This person becomes not only a micro-sales ambassador for you, but a loyal communicator of why you should buy into your company past a great product. 

To close, make sure your community understands your mission and why clearly so they can share it with people and feel personally bought into your business past just a great product. 


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