Our Founding Story

In 2016, I lived out of the back of my Toyota Tacoma for one hundred days while working for a tech start-up. I would camp in the hills behind Boulder, Colorado at night and during the days would go into town and work in coffee shops. 

After a day of designs, calling customers, and building our business, I would head out to find my next dispersed camping spot for the night. 

Since it was summer in Colorado, the days were long and I would often find my next place around 5pm–with no cell service and only nature to connect with. 

At camp, I would get my dinner ready while having a fire: a Day Fire. I would sit around the flames as the sun began to set and think about ideas. Hence the founding of our company's name: Day Fire Company. 

Additionally, I was raised on a few acres in the hills of Tennessee. When we had a Day Fire, that meant one thing... we were getting to work– clearing land and burning leaves. 

Day Fire is built to share the power of the wild and inspire people to get outside. 

A year later, we created our podcast. The Podcast was designed from the lifetime of common ground we enjoy before and after our fun and adventures in the great outdoors. Those morning fires with coffee discussing the up coming day or the late afternoons pumped from the day and rushing to get to the fire, beer in hand to tell todays adventures or share advice with the gang. A time to share, listen and learn. We are just lighting the fire so grab a drink and a chair and help us pass our stories and experiences forward.  

We thank you for your support and we are just getting started stoking the flame. 

Jake Wheeler
Owner and Founder
Day Fire Company

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