New Product: EMBER

It is a fragmented process for brands to find outdoor and travel centric models and content creators for hire at the right time, in the right place, and with key authentic activity skill sets.

Often, brand marketers will spend hours calling friends, scrolling through Linked-In, browsing Instagram or looking at unauthentic model agencies to find talent to be in front of and behind the camera.

Countless conversations are had... asking around for local spots to shoot, permitting questions, who the guides are, where the cool backdrops are, and who has a truck that you can borrow. 

EMBER solves this problem. 

Designed on a need for brand marketers to get straight into the creative process and spend less time organizing, sourcing, and outlining their shoot. 

EMBER provides marketers:

  • A directory of authentic outdoor models across the country ranging in diversity, different sport categories, and age. 

  • A nationwide listing of freelance creatives, including photographers, videographers, drone pilots, designers, stylists, producers, and more, to hire to help with the project.

  • Personable and custom shoot planning services that include:
    • Logistics
    • Props
    • Local and 3rd party partners
    • Scene selection
    • Shot lists and itineraries 
    • On-site assistance 

To learn more about how EMBER can help your business save time and resources on creative production projects, contact:


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