Influencers: How To Approach This Strategy

Today… there is certainly still value in influencers. Often they have more reach and engagement than your own platform. However, they are getting smarter and cheekier. We recommend to control the hosting process more and be selective with your outbound requests.

Identify an audience that you want to get in front of, and who that person is -- that you can leverage through their channel and also owned content. With these hostings and partnerships, make sure it revolves around a story that helps inspirationally sell your product through their lens. 

Ideally start small, target a small batch and execute on a process with each that can be a template for the future. We often see good brands do this in two ways: 

  • Owned content that usually is drummed up from athlete/ambassador programs rather than labeling it as an influencer, because athletes and ambassadors are more vested in your brand and it’s a relationship than a one night stand.

  • Just seed out your product, don’t share it on social, and hope for the best and not worry about leveraging it on your owned channels unless it is gold. 

We encourage you to get in the mindset of the right of curation, quality, and polish and often you won't get that with re-gramming UGC or trusting another person to do it on their own. Every time you speak, make sure it's the best and highest look and feel. 

Frequently, we see brands getting into the rabbit hole and mindset of just sharing a post that someone that tags you on their story. We would encourage you to rather own it and ensure it’s on our standards and people have context of who this influencer is, why they are here, and what value it can bring to their content viewing experience. 

Many brands with lack of bandwidth or creative energy to produce, and will just depend on sharing other people’s content to stay top of mind – at Day Fire, we don’t see this as the right direction and aim to avoid it. This simply seems like a content scapegoat to us. This will come with backlash from other team members, as they often will ask you to share athlete content, influencer visits, and other people’s messages – when we just feel like it can look like anyone can do that from a brand side of things, and we encourage you to present your content to be rich and eyed at like, "Wow, that was thoughtful, curated, and they have professional design power behind their company."

Lastly, with influencer hosting, it’s often still a “one off custom spike driven play” and takes time and negotiation. Your greatest success stories will come when you have met with them beforehand, given them a project brief, outlined the expectations, signed a contract and even showed up to project manage the experience in a very brand friendly way.


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