How To Think About Multi-Channel Strategies and Tailoring Content to Each Channel

Managing multi-channels from a brand sides of things is a tough task. Each area has its own importance in acquisition, retention, and loyalty as it relates to your customer's journey. 

When designing a content strategy for your brand and the different digital touch-points that it has, it's important to think about why people are using that platform and then tailoring the right content to that experience. Outline what the message is, the audience, and what is the best medium and platform to communicate that. Through the decision making process, always consider how people consume content per channel (website, email, social). 

Each platform has it's own style, presentation, tone, and audience. When making content decisions, approach everything from an audience perspective and the demographics that are interacting with that channel. Content that lives on your website may and should be different than the content that you utilize on your Tik Tok or Instagram. 

While you may publish different types of content on your various channels, keep top of mind that unity is important and a scattershot approach is something to avoid. 
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