9 Types of Content Investments

It is important to consider thinking about content in a few buckets.
While it's certainly nice to be able to spread content investments across multiple channels. That's not always the case. We discovered that content creation can be prioritized and commissioned for the following projects (but not limited to):

Seasonal Collection Lifestyle and Studio Content: 
For each seasonal launch, produce lifestyle and studio content for website, catalog, and marketing efforts.

Accessory Collection Lifestyle and Studio Content: 
Throughout vendor’s two major seasons, brands can release accessory collections that provide fresh energy products to consumers. With the release of each collection, studio and lifestyle photography is needed.

Holiday Lifestyle and Studio Content: 
For major holiday marketing campaigns (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc) work to create custom content that supports identified personas, themes, and campaigns.

Evergreen Advertising Content: 
For paid advertising efforts, create content that supports seasonal collections and also evergreen advertising efforts for prospecting and direct response that focus on higher-level brand differentiators. Be conscious of your inventory and what products you are leading with.

Website Lifestyle and Studio Content: 
Throughout the year, written and visual content is created to support website developments that include PDP enhancements, collection pages, customer service, and more.

Brand Storytelling Content: 
To inspire customers and to authentically position your brand, commission custom content around activities and trips that your products thrive in.

Ambassador Content: 
To leverage and support the lifestyles that your ambassadors live and expertise that they posses, work with this group to create content around their businesses, passions, and trips.

User-Generated Content: 
Generally leveraged for social media posts and social validation use cases, user-generated content is used to highlight your community, your product in action, and demonstrates that we’re listening and appreciate people tagging you in photos and interacting with the brand.
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