9 Members of Your Brand's Community

Like I mentioned in the 7 C’s of Brand Building, it’s not about you, it’s about them. When building a brand divide your community strategies into different buckets so that you can treat them in ways that are specific to their role in your brand.

Curate a close group of people that share your brand’s passion and live your brand’s lifestyle. Aim to pick people that are good communicators, involved in their communities and participate in the activities your products are designed for.

Influencers can be very time consuming and hard to track. The goal is to leverage these individuals to post about your brand on their platform, which in turn helps increases your reach and follower-growth. One way to leverage influencers is by reaching out to them because their a fit, mentioning that you would love to send them gear, and you would love to see it on your feed in action. Set clear goals and expectations. If their work is good, it could be repurposed on your own platform for social and customer validation advertising tactics.

Community Program:
Currently, we are looking at community programs through the lens of exclusive seasonal programs to support major marketing campaigns and themes.  The programs provide members with behind the scenes opportunities to interact with the brand and exclusive gear deals.

For industry employees, offer pro-deals for product.

Content Creator:
Keep a roll a deck of content creators that we use for lifestyle, studio, and brand content projects. Keep a separate one for models and props.

Brand Fans:
Energized about your brand, loves the product, outgoing, wants to share with friends, cares about organizations that align with his beliefs. Send stickers and give them ways to interact with the brand. Awesome UGC opportunities here.

Retail Staff:
A good way to connect with the front lines of the industry and a core user group. Incentivize them with sales contests and design badass in-store POP.

Loyalty VIP Program:
For your slam dunk customer group, send them thank you notes, discount opportunities, early releases to product, and more.

Brand Staff:
Often can be an after thought, this is a big one. Your staff are where it all starts, the culture builds, and the work gets done. Treat them well and make sure they’re psyched on your product every time they are in the office or headed out on the weekend.
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