7 C's To Brand Building

Over the years working in the outdoor industry, we’ve gotten social. We’ve managed social media accounts for brands, real time marketed events, ran contests, and of course just had good ole’ conversations around the campfire sharing outdoor tales. Through the years, we’ve learned a few practices that have become our guides as we think about how to approach brand building in the outdoor industry. Read on to learn our 7 C’s to social media in the outdoor industry.


Simply put, it’s not about you. Today’s consumer wants to be heard, build relationships between like-minded followers, and values when they are involved with the brand’s story whether that may be having their content shared or their voice amplified. 


It’s certainly an arms race in today’s social content universe. There is no doubt that it is a challenge to create consistent content that you’re consumers care about, but it’s a necessity. In order to succeed, a brand needs to create and curate relevant content that provides value to the consumer and enhances their lives. Content that inspires them of places and connects them to activities where your product thrives. 


Sharing content is one thing, but sharing content that people want to engage with is the next level. Social media is all about a dialogue. Post things that give your audience and opportunity to engage with your brand and community. 


Everyday you’re customers are on social and so should you. It’s tough to admit, but today’s attention span of your target audience is as short as the next scroll or tap to the next story. Treat social media like it’s own office space, where you go everyday and work. 


People want to follow brands that give a damn and have an opinion. Today’s consumer’s purchasing decisions are often influenced through brands that take a stance on a cause and are transparent with their business practices. 


If people wanted a transaction they would shop on Amazon or at the Gap. Having a company culture that represents a lifestyle and something bigger than a product is extremely important in creating long standing and quality relationships with a consumer base. Brands need to walk the walk and lead by example and that starts within the office.


Of course, in order to excel in today’s cluttered marketplace, you need to have a product that people want, provides value, and enhances their lives. It’s the old school phrase of “We got it, come get it.” Make sure your consumer knows what you’re selling and has an easy path to purchasing your product.
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