6 Areas To Always Keep Improving On In Brand Marketing

Being in brand marketing is an exciting, high paced, and every changing category. There is always room to improve, gain more market share, and help make the world a better place. As you continue to think about your brand strategy and areas for innovation and refinement, here are 6 things to keep top of mind. 

Influencer Marketing:

There is certainly a place for you to play here and always be refining, as Influencers get smarter everyday and the digital landscape and consumer changes everyday.

It's important to think about the personas you want to attract and who that right influencer is to leverage in a project, whether it’s through their channel distribution or your owned content – or potentially a combination of both. These are very spike driven relationships and do take some custom time to set up and make sure they execute to your brand standards. 

Longer-Forum Richer Content Planning: 

As a brand, you are always going to have quick one off “gap filler” posts/messages, but there is an opportunity to build out micro content campaigns that are integrated through multi-channel efforts and have a variety of visual components to them through video, branding, ambassador involvement, editorial, microsites, and photo.

Data and Post Mortems: 

You'll get in areas of the season where you are moving really quickly - but we encourage you to be dedicated to slowing down and looking and the wins, losses, and to understand the why to inform the future.

Juggling a Content Mix: 

This is how you can be different. Strive to not be an one-dimensional brand and For many companies, you'll receive a lot of requests for messaging and creative support. The brand team's job is to be the gatekeepers of the channels, the supporting messaging, and vetting those requests to make sure they align with your brand and don’t fragment your content plan.

Social Innovation:

This is a fun one for creative departments: making sure you are keeping a pulse on trends and platform changes and to make a decision on if it’s something you want to chase or isn’t the right fit for your company. We would suggest do one channel really well, then 5 channels at 25%.


This can further your reach and give you a chance to play in a story realm that you wouldn’t always consistently dabble in. Giveaways are another area here. You don’t want to be to gimmicky here, but done artfully it’s a nice way to drum up some engagement.

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