5 Ways to Think About Brand Ambassadors

We believe that brand ambassadors are a great way to help grow a brand. Here are a few things to consider when building an ambassador program:

  • Curate a close group of people that share your brand’s passion and live your brand’s lifestyle. Aim to pick people that are good communicators, involved in their communities and participate in the activities your products are designed for.
  • Pick a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, parts of the country, and interests.
  • Design a few ambassador divisions to help with diversifying your crew.
  • Support your ambassadors through: money, seasonal collection gift cards, early access to product collections, trip/business sponsorship, content creation projects, and gear testing opportunities.
  • Invite your ambassadors to your office, send them monthly emails, and introduce them to each other.
By being an ambassador, individuals have a unique opportunity to interact with the brand on a daily basis and be involved in product ideation, content creation, and other exclusive brand opportunities.

These are real people and they have their own vibes, loyalty, and time. It’s okay to restructure your ambassador list season by season. It’s nice to also have them on for a while, as it helps with building relationships. Generally, we recommend having a top 5, middle 5, and then the 5 you have to have, but never respond.
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