4 Things To Consider For a Successful Photoshoot

Photoshoots are fun and key to on-going brand storytelling and seasonal campaign launches. But what is even more fun is being prepared so creative energy can just flow without a hiccup while on site. You are working with real people in real time moments, it's imperative that the creative producer is able to navigate the time and the moods of the talent involved. Here are 4 things to keep top of mind when planning a branded photoshoot. 

Shot Lists:

This is key. When headed into an either a studio or lifestyle shoot, in order to maximize the invest and time of the models and creatives, it's important to have baked out shot lists that revolve around scenes and also inspiration. This will allow the creative producer to keep things tracking, ensure on getting all of the key content assets, and also help communicate to the team what the goal and flow is for the project.


In today's space, it's pivotal that companies find models that are comfortable with the brand scenes, authentic in the posses, and also aligned with the mission. It's past a transaction and ideally this talent can also further develop into another distribution channel once the content goes live. Have a food and beverage budget on hand to keep the talent fueled and smiling. Take breaks and look for the best light and energy to capitalize on the ideal moments of content creation. 


Everyone is a photographer these days, but not everyone is the right eye for your vision. Onboard the right person behind the camera and make sure they are aware of the right gear to bring, the people they will be shooting with, and the scenes that will be taking place. Additionally, lay out the compensation and deliverables ahead of time, so there is no confusion after the shoot. 


Whether it's a location, a boat, a truck, or even a dog -- props help fill the space and tell the story. Prepare ahead of time of what additional assets you may need in order to bring your story to life. Be willing to pay for them.  


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