4 Core Elements For a Brand's Visual Identity

It can be a daunting task to start identifying the key visual elements that you need when constructing a brand's look and feel. Here are four key items to consider as you build your brand. 


Logos can be one of the hardest parts in getting a business ready to go live. While designing this phase of your visual identity, always pay attention to simplicity, legibility and the scaleability of the mark. Your design should be able to live in multi ways in the environment and in the digital landscape. It should be easily recognizable and memorable. In the design stages, start with black and white and work into color from there. Consider a primary logo, a secondary, and an icon system of elements. Always create with a grid structure in mind. Create do's and don't use cases for the logo and do not steer away from there. Then ensures consistency over time. 

Color Palette: 

This is a stage where you can stand out and add personality to your logo. Research the meanings of various colors and the philosophy behind them. For example, if you look at social platforms today, you see a lot of blue, due to this being a subtle and recognizable color for communication. 


This is an another area to add meaning to your brand positioning and the vibe you want to communicate. Ideally select two typefaces and highlight the weights and sizes that you aim to use. This will inform future graphic design decisions along with the incorporation of your color palette and photography direction. 


Before you know it, your company will have a lot of marketing messages going out into the wild. Having a key photography style will help unify these messages and set your brand apart. Whether it's through black and white, diversity of models, tight shots with zero depth of field, or landscapes. Consider showing real people doing real things in real moments and aim to avoid as much stock as possible. 

Once you've laid out these key visual elements, build them into a brand book for future reference and staff on-boarding. 


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