3 Ways to Use Social Media to Entice Travelers

When embarking on your company's social media strategy, keep top of mind who the audience is you are trying to reach and where you need to putting out messages to communicate to them. 

Once decided, produce content that inspires people to visit your destination and gives them a window into picturing themselves in that place doing that thing. 

In today's digital space, guests are using social media in three ways to get information and make a decision on where they plan to travel. 


  • This is an exploration phase for them, where they are browsing around looking where to go. Your destination should provide content that entices them to visit your place. You can do this through rich custom content or guest validation by utilizing user-generated and influencer content. 


  • Once you've attracted the future client's attention, they will then begin digging for more information, how to buy, and the exclusive experiences that you provide. Generally, this is where you will take them a click deeper into your digital sphere, and provide ease of access to information on your website about your area. 


  • Upon booking a trip to your destination, this is the moment that you confirm with them the information that they need to know in order to have the most relaxing trip and experience. Furthermore, this an area that you can speak to them upon arrival and once they leave to collect data and retain them for another booking. 
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