3 Ways To Approach Organic Social Media Sports Marketing

Marketing a sporting event is fun and exciting. There is always a similar mix and flow of content to use as it relates to the competition, location, athletes, winners, losers, and the fans. While you don't know who will podium or get awarded the trophy at the end of the day, you can go into the event with a game plan of how you want to tell the story to your audience. Here are three things to think about as you begin planning your social media strategy for a sports marketing event. 


This starts with outlining the story that your brand wants to tell around the event. Each event has its own identity and personality. Begin with a kick-off meeting with your team, outlining the key messages for the event's cycle and align it with the tone/audience/channels that you want it to live on. 

Next, start to message the event to your audience. Letting them know what is happening, why they should care, what the interesting stories are, and how they can follow along in the action. 

Live Coverage: 

This starts with detailed advance prep to set-up for success. It's important when covering the event to be as specific as possible around what's happening so your audience can tune in and follow along. Athlete and partner tags are important as it relates bigger distribution opportunities and further context for your awareness. 

Additionally, don't let your social media manager do this on an island. Your brand most provide resources for them to connect with while in the field to help with on-going story narratives and access to expert guidance for the on the fly messages.


This can go out in two ways. If there is something super specific as it relates to your brand, then you can lean into that a lot harder. However, if your brand didn't result in a huge story after the event, then you can keep it high-level letting the audience know who won and that the event has concluded. 


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