3 Filters To Help Your Marketing Approach During COVID-19

For the majority of marketing teams for brands and destinations, you would hope that there is a clear calendar to work with as you plan your up-coming season's messaging and campaigns. The goal is to thoughtfully space your messages out around product and seasonal launches, while being flexible to inbound inquires and pivots. It's important that your content supports your values and products and that you are communicating that constantly on the channels that matter the most to your brand goals and audience. 

There should be a drive to create a content mix that is unique to your offering and that shows your authentic brand differentiation. At all moments, the goal is to have a team, a cohesive playbook, a plan, a calendar and a long road view to how your brand is going to execute the now, and future seasons to come within your own constraints, company goals, and vision. 

While, of course there will always be an uncharted shift in culture, trends, and political movements - but no marketer in any vertical in today's space expected that it would be this large in the year of 2020-21.

Hence, the forever new importance of flexibility, empathy, and transparency as you are marketing a brand. We have discovered these three consistent filters while marketing through a global pandemic and want to share them with you. 


Every company did not expect what was to come in March 2020, as our nation and world began to experience extreme shutdowns, restrictions, and loss of revenue opportunities. However, as the news and ordinances have continued to change on a rapid basis, it is important to be flexible with your marketing plans, team management structures, and your internal organization processes. 


Everyone got dealt a different card when COVID-19 hit. Consider that, whether they are your employee or within your audience. Be thoughtful, conscious, and understanding during these times with your messages. 


People want to know what is going on. There are so many fragmented sources of information and if you are trying to build a brand around trust and relationships, then you should be the source for authentic real time information. 

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