3 Things to Consider With Data and Content Creation Process

When producing and watching the effects of your content, here are three things to always keep top of mind. 


It is pivotal to always learn from the last piece of content you shared or utilized to help inform the next piece. Being data driven is a part of the process and ideally you have someone on your team that is keeping a watchful eye and a reporting structure as it relates to this part of the process. 


Generally, this is in the process of production and reflection. Don't let it spiral you out of control where you never get the job done, but do allocate time for creative brainstorming ahead and thoughtful takeaways at the end. 

Key Metrics: 

Comments are king. Content is meant to create a dialogue and not a monologue. Work to produce pieces of content that make people interact more than a heart or a scroll. If you do drum up a comment, don't leave it hanging if it's an important to build a customer relationship in a positive way. 

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