2 Must Haves For Brand Content

While you're driving your brand content car, you hit an intersection. The divide gives you two directions for messaging. As you are often on this type of journey, you'll encounter this moment frequently and it's crucial to know that both the left and the right are equally important to the health and messaging of your brand.

Brand storytelling to the left and Business/Operational needs to the right. Read on to learn more on the difference and the balance: 

Brand Storytelling:

This is your content that comes from a strategic marketing need to tell your bigger brand stories and drive loyalty, retention, and acquisition. Ideally, this can be planned seasonally in advance and aligned with your revenue and growth goals. Within this zone, this is where you get creative and tell really cool stories that highlight your products and inspire your customers to want to buy them in a very natively way.

This area should allocate proper time for your creative team to give time to the process and create brand driven stories that include video, photo, editorial, and graphic design assets. With this time investment into product, channel strategy, distribution and measurement should be top of mind throughout the project.

Often you'll see brands doing this in a really good way by leveraging their athletes, ambassadors, or influencers. Additionally, this is a moment to think about series, campaigns, and how the content can be compounding and packaged into an on-going push throughout the season that you are in. 

Operational/Business Need:

There is always a need to convey operational information to your customers. With this communication maintain a standard of creative that aligns with your brand and still feels inspirational and aspirational. This is the area in messaging where you are more direct to the point as it relates to your company's products. 

Often, these can be inbound requests, that haven't been planned for, and that some will label as fire drills. There should be a response system in place within your company to vet and execute on these asks to maintain the highest quality creative while getting out time sensitive and unpredictable messaging needs in the appropriate channels. 

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